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Awareness Programme, Uttarey Bundekey

The Sikkim State Designated Agency had organized awareness programmes at various places in South Sikkim and West Sikkim. SDA strives to reach out to the remote areas of Sikkim so as to make every possible person aware of the need of conservation of energy.

SDA visited places like Uttarey and Bundekey (West Sikkim) from 27/01/2018 to 29/01/2018 with the purpose of organizing LED Village campaign in which a number of households of Maneybong Sopakha GPU were chosen for the replacement of conventional lighting with efficient LED lighting. During the visit we had organized an awareness programme on “Energy Conservation” with the Panchayats and the general public via powerpoint presentations by Shri Pemba Lepcha, Executive Engineer (SDA), Ms. Nawang Choden Lepcha, Junior Engineer (SDA) and Ms. Devika Chhetri , Consultant (SDA). The informative session highlighted the issue of need of conservation of existing energy to reduce the misuse of power and the promotion of energy efficient LED lighting. The audience was also made aware of judicious usage of power. Supply order has already been given to EESL and the work will commence with the receipt of the items.