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  • LED Village Campaign successfully concluded in villages of North and South Districts. In North District, 400 Nos. of houses were provided with LED Bulbs along with rectification of damaged and unsafe wiring. During the current financial year, 330 no. of households in South District were provided with LED tubes and bulbs along with rectification of wirings wherever required.
  • Encourage comsumers to use LED and CFL instead of ordinary tubes and bulbs. It saves approximately 75% energy and its life is 10 times of an ordinary bulb.
  • Energy Conservation Awareness program is being organized in the State with the active participation of political leaders, panchayats, general public, and schools.
  • Sensitization of stakeholders, government architects, and Civil Engineers on Energy Conservation Act and formulation of State specific ECBC.
  • Energy Conservation Day was celebrated with funfair, street plays, marathons, and art competitions among students.
  • Establishment of Energy Clubs in different schools.